Medical Conditions

To support children’s wellbeing and manage specific healthcare needs, allergy or relevant medical condition, our Service will work in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations to ensure health related policies and procedures are implemented. We aim to take every reasonable precaution to protect children’s health and safety by explicitly adhering to individual medical management and risk management plans and responding to any emergency situation should they arise.


We will involve all educators, families and children in regular discussions about medical conditions and general health and wellbeing throughout our curriculum. Our Service is committed to adhering to privacy and confidentiality procedures when dealing with individual health care needs, allergies or relevant medical conditions including having families provide written permission to display the child’s medical management plan in prominent positions within the Service.

There are a number of concerns that must be considered when a child with a diagnosed health care need, allergy, or medical condition is enrolled at the service. Key procedures and strategies must be in place prior to the child commencing at the service to ensure their individual health, safety and wellbeing. It is imperative that all educators and volunteers at the Service follow a child’s medical management plan in the event of an incident related to a child’s specific health care need, allergy, or medical condition.

Medical Management Plan

Any medical management plan provided by a child’s parents and/or registered medical practitioner should include the following:

  • specific details of the diagnosed health care need, allergy or relevant medication condition
  • supporting documentation (if required) o a recent photo of the child
  • current medication and dosage prescribed for the child o if relevant, state what triggers the allergy or medical condition
  • first aid/emergency response that may be required from the Service
  • any medication that may be required to be administered in case of an emergency
  • further treatment or response if the child does not respond to the initial treatment
  • when to contact an ambulance for assistance 
  • contact details of the medical practitioner who signed the plan
  • the date of when the plan should be reviewed

A copy of the medical management plan will be displayed for educators and staff to see to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child, whilst ensuring the child’s privacy by displaying only in an area generally only available to staff of the Service. The Service must ensure the medical management plan remains current at all times. Educators and staff are updated immediately about any changes to a child’s medical management plan.